Sunday, May 4, 2014

How to Lose Weight by Exercising

Essential things before starting to lose weight by exercise are mind set up for hard work and self-motivation. In this article I will give you some suggestion on best exercise to lose weight. Exercise is the best component to burn energy and burn excessive fat. You don't need to do extra things just make it habitual by adding few exercise in your day to day routine life style. Scientifically it is proven that exercise makes you healthy and helps to burn excessive fat.

  • Walking

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In today's stressful life style many people suffering through diseases like Hypertension, Back pain, Depression, Obesity, Heart problem for this many doctors prescribing Walk is the best medicine. Everyday 30 min walk gives you amazing health benefits specially weight loss and maintain your health. Before doctor prescribe you this start from today for walking. Many people having complain that we do not have time for walking here is few suggestion for that you can do this following things park your car 15 min distance away from your office or mall force yourself to walks every day.

  •  Bicycling

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Bicycling is good exercise for burn excessive fat. You can able to avoid drive use cycle for going to office in day to day routine you can use cycle such as for going to shopping outside etc. For example if you having 80 kg weight and daily you do cycling for 30 min at 14 to 16mph you may burn 400 calories per day in 30 min.

  • Sport

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Playing sport is quick way to lose weight. Many option you have for that specially Golf, Boxing, Basketball, Skating, Jumping rope, Tennis, Free style swimming etc. are good option. Sometimes it is more difficult to stick up with this.

  • Running or Jogging

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Running or Jogging is also quick way to lose weight because it burns more calories.
Start from low time frame e.g. starts from 10 min then increase time slowly and gradually. This is the cheapest way to lose weight. But if you seem hard to do this then try other ways join fitness group, sports group.

  • Gym

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For maintain fitness and building strength and muscle gym is good option. Here you can do few things such as weight lifting, resistance bands, running on machine are good warm up this burns more calories and build strength and muscle. It helps to increase metabolism. If you are not having more budget for try this at home.In gym cardio is best option to maintain health of heart by jogging or brisk walking.

Final and most important thing is that always keep motivated yourself don’t panic or depressed always remember the benefits of exercise step by step increase exercise time and you will the better results after few week or in months. Always keep in mind don’t make fool yourself by watching adds on T.V. or web that you can lose weight in 3 days, faster or quick it takes time.

Important Note:

Before starting any fitness programme you must take advice of fitness expert because many people having diabetes, blood pressure problem they need to take advice from expert or professionals.