Saturday, May 10, 2014

Yoga and Weight Loss

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Many people start blaming themselves for excessive weight but instead of blaming start thinking positively there are still lots of things in your hand. This article gives you information how does yoga helps to lose weight for those who decide seriously to make themselves in shape & want to look different.

Introduction to yoga and weight loss:

Can yoga helps to helps to lose weight? Obviously, losing weight is not so easy to everyone it requires hard work and dedication towards your goal of lose weight. Yoga is one type of aerobic exercise boost metabolism in your body which helps to burn the excessive fat and helps to build muscle tone. It also helps to keeps you fresh every time because yoga is form of exercise which unites body, breathe, and mind. If you are serious about weight loss then you start yoga under the supervision of yoga expert for over period of time.

Before getting started yoga:

Before getting started yoga it is necessary to set your mind for hard work. There is no alternate way for hard work we see there are lots of products in market for weight loss such as pills, powder, diet but truth is you need hard work to lose weight. If you set your mind in right way and follow the plan without getting nervous you will achieve your goal. Might be question arise in your mind how to set goals? It’s very easy to set goal before few months ago like some important functions, wedding ceremony of your relative start programme according to this events. And second most important try to tracking progress it’s very important to get motivation during your day to day yoga routine. Eating habits also need to be changed during workout because it helps you to achieve your goals. You need to educate yourself which diet you need to add in your breakfast, lunch, dinner because to control weight need to reduce fat, protein and carbohydrates and increase minerals vitamin in diet,  fruits helps to lose weight.Interested to know more about Does fruit helps to lose weight? Click here.

Management of Yoga and Weight Loss:

In daily routine doing asana practice helps to burn extra fat and also help to maintain body and mind balance due to which self awareness also increases.
  • Suryanamaskar (Sun Salutation): Sun Salutation is very important asan in yoga. Sun salutation is combination of asan,pranayam,mantra. Practices of sun salutaion influence endocrine and nervous system which helps to correct metabolic function that cause increase in weight.With this asanas some other exercise also helps a lot such as jogging ,swimming,bicycing. Interested in how to lose weight by exercising? click here
  •  Pawanmuktasan: Helps to remove excessive  fat from abdomen hips and thighs.
  • Kapalbhati
  • Sarvangasan
  • Trikonasa
  • Dhanurasan
  • Halasan
  • Meditation: Silent 15-20 min meditation helps to keep mind free from stress. 
        These are few important asanas for lose weight.


Create your schedule for yoga as soon as possible you creat schedule will help to reach your weight loss goal fast.It is very important to know your limitation while doing yoga when to stop and rest,hold the pose as much you can then release take some rest and start with next one. Yoga for lose weight is good but with this nutrition is also important factor.

Important Note:

It is always important to do yoga practices under expert supervision and under there guidance. If you don’t know how to do or you are beginner then must take advice of expert otherwise it may be harmful to do practices without professionals advice.