Sunday, May 18, 2014

How to Lose Weight in Just 7 Days diet plan

Is it possible to lose weight in just 7 days? Yes! We see today many people are searching for this how to lose weight fast. In this article I will give you an idea about diet plan which help to lose weight almost up to 3 to 9 kg in week. Many people are asking question about this is this possible? I want to tell you if you are having strong wish to follow this plan and want to change yourself from looking different as you are now then it is possible. This diet plan is best method to control weight in which intake of high fat, protein, carbohydrate  are reduces and simultaneously increase intake of vitamin, minerals via fruits and vegetables which helps in purification of body. This diet plan helps to lighten the body and makes body free from toxins and morbid matter which finally help to weight loss. If you tried everything available in market and not getting results then try this diet plan which definitely helps you lot. Mainly this plan also known as GM diet plan prepare for general Motor worker to keep them healthy and fit. Many people trying this diet plan worldwide and getting sure results.
This Diet plan is mainly based on the vegetable and fruits intake which helps to maintain body fit. Fruits are rich of many vitamins, minerals which having extra benefits on body including weight loss. Diet helps to cut extra body fat, helps to increase skin tone, as fruits increases metabolism rate it makes body free from toxins which finally results into decrease in excess body fat. Want to know more how fruits help to lose weight clickhere.This diet plan is best method to lose weight before starting this plan you must know few things before started prepare yourself for following this plan firstly make yourself relax set your goal try to work according to your goal. You must be dedicated because at beginning it looks difficult to follow 7 days plan but stick to this plan is very important if completed this plan definitely you will get best results. During this diet plan you have to avoid un nutritional, spicy and lip smacking fast food such as pizza, burger, candy, noodles, hot dog cold drinks, alcohol etc. which are not good for health so avoid this strictly during diet plan, second important thing is water intake, mainly our body  is made up of 2/3 of water. A normal person having 30 to 60% water in body from total amount of water intake in our body 98 % of water use for excretion of waste and harmful material from body so water is essential part of this diet plan which helps to detoxify our body results in keep energetic and healthy feel lighter at finally.

Let’s get started:
In 7 days diet plan you are taking specific food for 7 days. If you follow this diet properly you will lose weight up to 9 kg in a week. This diet plan is safe to do anyone at any age person can follow it without any fear. It is claimed that after completing one should feel lighter and his weight get reduces. Let’s see how to do this procedure in 7 days.

Day One: 

Day One is only fruit day. At morning take lemon juice specially with lukewarm water. During day time at breakfast, lunch, dinner you take only fruit diet. You can eat fruit many times a day when you feel hungry. Melon is best suggested during day one diet it helps to lose about a kg. You have lots of option to eat such as watermelon, papaya, orange, apple etc. You can eat all fruits which you like except bananas. When you feel hungry eat fruits.
This is to prepare yourself for rest of days. Just it fresh raw fruits do not add anything else to it. Its pure fruit day.

Day Two: 

Day two is only vegetable day you can eat only vegetable during day. It fresh boiled or raw vegetables you can eat during this day. Many prefer boiled potato add some salt or spicy to improve taste. You can it vegetables many of time during day there is no limit. When you feel hungry get fulfill yourself by eating vegetables.
Vegetables are rich in fiber, carbohydrates, vitamins it fill your body with energy. Try to use fresh vegetables. Do not go for only green try other veggie also because sometime due to high intake of fiber may be get feeling to go toilet it helps to clean digestive system.

Day three: 

This is Mix day you can take both fruits and vegetables during this day. You can eat many time in the as you want having lot choice which fruit or veggie to eat at this day. Try to avoid potato and banana this day. Due to second day your digestive system gets flushes so you feel better at this day. Keep motivated yourself, be positive. From day three you have to do one thing try to increase water intake 9 to 11 glasses per day.

Day four:

At the day four you have to take only bananas and milk. First three day you avoid bananas now its time only taking banana and milk during whole day. During this day you are going to take only 8 to 10 bananas and 3 to 4 glasses of skimmed milk.
Having question in mind how I do this only 8-10 banana and 3-4 glasses of milk only? Don’t worry you can do this try to manage for example at breakfast one glass of milk with one banana, at lunch 2 banana and one glass of milk as you want. At this day you can take soup also but only once or twice. Continue with water intake of 9 to 11 glasses during day.

Day Five:

This day you can take soups, tomatoes. At lunch you can take cup of rice. You can take soups this day if you don’t like to eat tomato as raw try to make soups of it and consume in liquid form. You are taking tomato that’s why uric acid increases in body it is necessary that you consume more water during this day try to increase water intake up to 14 glasses it flushes uric acid from body. In another term can say this is detoxification day removes toxins from body.

Day Six:

This day is near to goal day. At this day you can take cup of brown rice, vegetable soups, sprouts, green salad at the time of lunch & dinner. Try different veggie soups during day. You feel much lighter at this day. Can notice that much more improvement in your digestive system. Continue consuming water during this day also.

Day Seven:

This is the final day of your diet. You can take one cup of rice, vegetable soups, sprouts, fruits you want during this day. You feel much lighter today. You can eat any fruits, roasted, fried, boiled, steamed vegetables during this day, eat salads. At last day also continue to consume water.
This is the 7 days diet plan you will get positive results only if you follow strictly this plan.

At the end some important tips:
Avoid tea, coffee, alcohol during diet plan.
Increase amount of water intake slowly helps to detoxify body.
In lunch and dinner you can use any option fruits or vegetables as you like.
Eat fresh raw fruits and vegetables these are good only in this fresh form.
Try to do some exercise or walk during this diet plan. Read more How exercise help to reduce weight.

Important note:
People who are suffering from diabetes, blood pressure may consult to your doctor first before starting this diet.