Wednesday, October 17, 2007

FDA Approved Diet Pill

Author: Angelo Johnson

The Alli Diet Pill is the only over the counter FDA approved slimming supplement on the market. Alli slimming pills work only in the digestive tract which is the area of the body that absorbs the nutrients from the foods one eats. By isolating this area, there are no side effects to heart rate, brain activity, sleep patterns, nerves or your body clock.

The way in which the Alli Diet Pill works is by allowing one to control the production of enzymes in the intestine. Enzymes are critical in breaking down and converting food into fatty acids. By decreasing the level of enzymes in the intestines it is directly possible to reduce the amount of fatty acids that are absorbed. The enzymes then break down the food content and what remains are excreted as pure fat. This is one of the vital benefits to the Alli Diet Pills, as the treatment only targets the fat content of food and the absorption of fatty acids. Carbohydrates and proteins will be assimilated naturally with no effect on them by the Alli Diet pills. This is a departure from other slimming pills as they primarily act to suppress all food intake. This proves to be unhealthy to the body as vital carbohydrates, proteins and nutrients are not assimilated inhibiting nutrition, work and exercise. Another startling difference between the Alli Diet Pill and other slimming medicines is the fact that Alli does not require medical supervision and medical advice. Alli is safe and trustworthy, having been created from a smaller dosage of the weight loss drug Orlistat. Clinical trials have also illustrated the immediate impact on Body mass index as soon as treatment has commenced. Also, while there may be mild side effects, these are controllable. The primary function of the drug Orilstat prohibits absorption of fats from the food one eats, thus reducing caloric intake. By inhibiting an enzyme in the pancreas that breaks down triglycrides (fats) in the intestine, fats are prevented from being assimilated and may be excreted undigested.

It is suggested that the Alli Diet Pill be taken with a low calorie diet, reduced fat diet, and an exercise program all in coordination in order to maximize the befits of the Alli diet Pill.

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