Thursday, November 8, 2007

Lose Weight - First Thing You Should Know and Do

We want to lose weight for many reasons. Be it for better looks or for better health, the reasons behind the intention are always well and good. But do you know that losing weight is more than just heading straight into reducing your food intake and burning off calories in your body. Most people overlook the area of understanding your own body first before attempting to lose weight.

It is of utmost importance to know your present health condition before deciding what you should do to lose weight. A blood glucose and cholesterol test is necessary to ascertain if you have a medical condition such as diabetes, high cholesterol, heavy metal poisoning or other ailments that may be affected by the intake of certain foods. Secondly it is necessary to determine if there is other pre-existing hormonal disorders such as thyroid malfunction, that may prevent weight loss or that may contribute to a weight problem. The blood test can also provide an evaluation of your body’s metabolism so that you will know what type of food you should take and what food to avoid. In addition, analysis of these results will reveal the body imbalances and the necessary supplementations you need in order to restore your body back into optimum health. As a result, your weight loss expert can come out with a personalized eating plan that is just right for you. The eating plan is necessary to correct your glucose metabolism and balance your hormone levels so that you can lose weight effectively and get healthy at the same time. You will be advised on changes necessary to your lifestyle, dietary restrictions while your likes and dislikes are incorporated into an eating plan to ensure success. Details like the food calories content and timing of certain food intake are all relevant factors to be considered in an effective diet plan. The aim is to achieve an optimum utilization of the food calories for energy burning and not for storage as fats in the body.

For a weight loss program to be effective, it should involve both body and mind to work in synergy and harmony. Thus it takes more than just any simple fad diet to lose weight and let alone maintain it. We should seek to understand and know our body condition first and seek expert consultation for a successful weight loss journey.

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