Friday, January 25, 2008

Desperate To Lose Weight Quickly? Find Out How

So, you are desperate to lose weight quickly? Do you want to lose weight or lose fat? Sorry to break this to you but you cannot infinitely speed up the rate of fat loss. The body can only break down fat at a certain rate, if you lose weight faster than this rate you will be losing muscle as well as fat - not good! If you want to know how to do things the right way, then read on. Fad diets are a thing of the past, eating tasty healthy meals are the way forward, finally dieting isn't a pain.

Losing weight is all about a lifestyle change, there is simply no other way - please stop searching for the next miracle to lose weight as there isn't one! I know it seems hard now to make that first step but once you get going you will wonder what all the fuss was about and why you didn't stay in shape before. I was the same when I started - really reluctant to go to the gym and always making excuses, I made that first step and yes it was very tough but became easier and easier as I went on. It may seem funny to you but now I am actually addicted to the gym and can't stop ha!

If you start today and are consistent, you can make a dramatic change to your body in one month, one month doesn't sound too bad right? If you aim to lose 3 pounds each week, you will have lost nearly a whole stone by this time next month! Imagine the difference a whole stone will make to how you look and feel!

Another good motivation tool is taking regular photos. Take a photo of yourself at the start of the diet then another a month later, you will ecstatic with your progress. You could even pin each photo to your fridge as a constant reminder!

To keep motivated on the diet I recommend you tell all your friends and family what you are doing. Your friends can offer you support and hopefully won't tempt you with cakes etc! Also - if you tell everyone you might be less likely to quit.

The first thing to do is get your self a good diet (see blog link below) . Once you are on a good diet not only will the fat start dropping off faster than you can imagine - you will feel so much better. The great thing about eating healthy is also the sense of well being you get, there is nothing like feeling great within yourself to help keep motivated.

Losing weight really shouldn't be a last minute thing that is done in a few weeks. The results are not instant, but you can make a dramatic change to your body in a month if you follow a good diet and exercise routine. Just make that first step and you will never look back.

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