Sunday, December 9, 2007

Losing Weight - The Best Time of the Year?Losing Weight - The Best Time of the Year?Losing Weight - The Best Time of the Year?

Losing Weight - The Best Time of the Year?

When is the best time of the year to lose weight? Anytime that you need to is the answer. There is little doubt that starting a weight loss regime in the dark days of winter is not the best time as many of us suffer a low period during this time and we may not be able to cope as well mentally as we would in the brighter days of spring and summer.

Imagine the scene, late December, office parties or out with friends, Christmas holiday and New Year parties. We overindulge and the beginning of January we realise that we really do need to get our bodies back into some shape. Other things take over and before we know it the first signs of spring are in the air. Suddenly that fine figure in the mirror does not really look that good especially when pictured in the summer on the beach. Panic!

Weight loss is a big issue these days and it is not difficult to find books, fitness DVDs and videos, not to mention the deluge of magazine articles that both sexes are bombarded with. How often in early spring do you see plastered across the front of a magazine or taking up several internal pages promises of a quick weight loss fix. Then there are the celebrity following journals that always seem to be documenting the latest and crazy faddy diet being followed by your favourite celeb. Total information overload. It is no wonder most of us become confused and disillusioned when we find we cannot achieve the promised weight loss let alone in the timescale suggested.

Your weight loss program does not have to be rocket science combined with a draconian exercise regime. Eat healthy food in moderate amounts, combine it with gentle exercise and you will feel better mentally and physically. Look for a weight loss program that helps you to control your intake of good food and not some expensive and fancy concoction and definitely does not include some magic pill or potion.

What about shedding those unwanted pounds ready for the beach? Don't set the bar too high this year, accept that there will be the odd bit around the middle that you would prefer not to show but instead make a conscious effort to make a lifestyle change. Then next year you can make a great impression as you stroll onto the beach and still look and feel healthy.

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